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From My Dad

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

We are between Barack and a hard place

Kennedy revisited

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Ask not what you can do for your country… ask what is your country doing to you?

Enough is enough?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Is it possible to have too much government? Of course. Can taxes be too high? Obviously. Is there such a thing as too much power for politicians? Silly question. These are the most important questions that people should be asking themselves, but hardly anyone ever does.  If we know that taxes can be too high, then the next obvious question is “How high is too high”? We must ask “How big can the government get before it is too big? Just because these questions are somewhat subjective does not mean they should be ignored. We can not conclude an exact dividing line between enough and too much. There is no way to nail down a number and conclude that a tax rate of 69% is acceptable and 70% is too high. No way to know that having any more than 38% of the population work for government is too many. Yet since we know that it is possible to have too much government and taxes that are too high, we must ask our selves to estimate, as best we can, where these points are.

Because of hope, there is no hope

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Tomorrow I am going to win the lottery. I know this because I purchased a lottery ticket and I am hopeful that I will win.  Sound silly? Why is that any sillier than believing that things will be fine regarding our  economy as long as, or because, we are hopeful? Are Obama’s actions going to give us good results because we are hopeful? It seems that things have gotten so bad that subconciously most of society knows that our bad actions will have negative consequences, so we have resorted to “being hopeful”. Confidence, positive thinking, hope… these things do not put the effects of our actions on hold. Think what you want but what happens will happen regardless of what we are thinking. Excessive spending and a lack of efficient production will cause us to run low on resources and no amount of hope will change that.

The good old days of welfare

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Remember how nice it was when we were upset about welfare going to the poor little black girl in the ghetto? Don’t you wish it was still like that? Now there is so much welfare dolled out to so many people that the tiny portion that goes to the truly poor people hardly matters. Isn’t it welfare any time the government gives money to any person or business? What does it matter if we call it medicare, social security, or anything else?  A rose by any other name… I find it disturbing that any welfare is dolled out without consideration to where it came from and the person who originally earned the money. Why is no thought given and no mention made of the damage that is always done to the people who are forced to “give”. But IF we are going to have welfare it should at least go to poor people.

Larger group – different rules?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Imagine 10 people living on an island. How would they survive? Obviously they would have to be productive. They would have to hunt or grow food. They would have to build and maintain homes if they wanted a decent standard of living. Now imagine that one of those 10 people claims he has a way for them to all improve their lives. He claims they have a sluggish economy and he can make things better. How does he propose to do this? He points to a tree and explains: we are going to use the leaves from this tree as money. Each leaf will be one dollar. We will do all of our business in dollar-leaves from now on. I am going to pull 1000 leaves off of this tree for each person on the island! Thus now we all have leaf money to buy the things we need and our economic problems are solved. We will all have a higher standard of living!

The other 9 people on the island would most likely conclude that they should end their misery by ending the goof ball with the dopey idea. Why provide him with some of the results of their hard work when all he wants to do is pull worthless leaves off of trees?

Now let’s suppose we make the group 20 people rather than 10, has anything fundamentally changed? Will their problems now be solved by using leaves as money? How about if the group is 100 people? 100,000 people? So why is it that if we make the group 200 million people and call the man with the leaf idea Barack Obama, we all believe it?

Still a prejudiced nation

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

We are still showing prejudice in a big way. It may be a little better to be prejudiced in favor of a minority than to be against them or to want to harm them, but it is  prejudice nonetheless. Why are so many people talking about this black president? Colin Powell once said we should stop talking about color and then we would truly have conquered prejudice. He was right. If we ever really believe that color does not matter we will no longer mention it. When we  discuss the capabilities of people we never mention if they are well tanned by the sun or pale skinned.  We don’t mention it because it is not relevant. What is the relevance of Obama’s black skin?

Haven’t we had enough women and minorities in powerful government positions to learn that they will abuse their power to harm us just like overweight middle aged white guys? Janet Reno ordered the shootings of innocent children at Waco.  New York’s Mayor Dinkens ran a police force that arrested prostitutes and people who chose to use drugs. Alberto Gonzalez. Condoleeza Rice. The list goes on and on.

We are literally “pre-judging” Obama when we assume he is likely to do a good job because of “what he is”.

It’s time to stop thinking that things will improve just because we have all races and colors represented in government.  It’s time to realize that the question is not what color these people are. The question is not who they are at all. The question is how much power should we give them. Right now, we are giving them far too much.


Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

This blog is launched just as Obama starts to ruin our nation. The American people are celebrating this Obamanation with glee just because it represents “change”. George Bush is out. Wonderful. Celebrate for 15 minutes and now you will start despising Obama more than you did Bush. Bush screwed up foreign affairs big-time. Wait til we see what it is like to have our domestic affairs screwed up big-time. It’s coming for sure. No one bothers to recall when Newt Gingrich and a swarm of republicans were swept into office with the “Contract for America” and lots of the usual rhetoric and nonsene. There was a reason the democrats were thrown out and the republicans were swept in. The reason, plain and simple, is that the democrats screw things up. Yes, I know, the republicans screw things up too and I am not a republican. The republican’s party platform is repulsive. The question here is whether we should be elated about having Obama in office.

Contrary to what many people like to think, hope will not change anything.  The rules of cause and effect have not been put on hold. Things will either happen or they will not happen and while “hope” may make some people feel good, it does not change things in the tangible world.  Actions change things. A man strapped into a guillotine with the blade on the way down may be hopeful. In fact the way human psychology works, he probably would be hopeful. But unless something happens to stop the blade from coming down, he is going to die. A person can buy a lottery ticket and might be absolutely certain that he will win. Do you think he will? By the same token a person might be completely distraught and believe that a particular situation is destined for great peril, and yet good things might happen. The simple truth is that these thoughts are just signals floating around in our brains and things in the real world do not change, either for good or for bad, because of them. Things change because of cause and effect.

Be hopeful if it makes you feel good, but things will not change because of our hopes. Get real.