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We’re not prejudiced… Obama is!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

If you look closely at the words people use you can gain insights into what they really mean.  The word “prejudice” deserves a close look.  We all know what “pre-” means; and the “-judice” part is obviously related to the word “judge,” as shown by other words such as “judicial” and “judiciary.”  So the real meaning of “prejudice”  is to pre-judge:  to make a decision about the rightness or wrongness of something before you have all the facts.

Suppose you ask a friend what he thinks about a dispute between two people and your friend replies:  “well, I don’t know all the facts, but clearly, Joe acted stupidly.”  That’s prejudice.  No textbook could give a clearer example.

Suppose you call your friend out on this; and instead of apologizing, he tries to weasel out by saying, “I’m sorry if anyone got the impression I was judging Joe, just because I called him and all his co-workers stupid.”  This is a person who has an ego problem; he can’t admit a mistake.  Would you want such a person to be in charge of how your money is spent, what kind of car you can buy, or what kind of health care you can get?

Republicans are pretty bad in many ways but when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they often do the right thing.  They usually admit what they did, apologize publicly, and often step down from their office.  Democrats, on the other hand, tend to deny everything, and fight tooth and nail to hold on to power.  The clearest example I can think of is Nixon compared to Clinton.  Another good one is the cases of Congressmen Mark Foley (R) and Gerry Studds (D), both of whom were found to be involved in sexual shenanigans with under-age Congressional pages.  Foley stepped down at once; Studds remained in office for years, even though he actually had sex with the boys, whereas Foley just exchanged racy text messages.

Any politician can be a great guy when things are going well; the real test of character is how they behave when they’re in trouble. An important quality for a President is honesty and morals.  There’s no one on the planet who has more power to cover up their mistakes and bad behavior.   Please keep that in mind between now and the next election.