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We have become a joke

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Years ago when Dan Akroyd was on Saturday Night Live he frequently impersonated president Jimmy Carter. In one skit he claimed he had a plan to get the economy into good shape. The plan was to give each American citizen one million dollars. A joke at the time, now we have “stimulus packages” with the government giving away money under the guise of it being good for us.

In 1984 a movie called Footloose, staring Kevin Bacon, was about a town that had outlawed dancing. Intended as a silly and entertaining premise for a movie, at the time the idea of a town making it illegal to dance was unthinkable. Did you know that you can now be arrested for dancing in many public places such as the Jefferson Memorial? Here it is:

What used to be considered jokes and incidents for entertainment, and things that were considered impossible to happen in the US are now here with us.

Old babies taking care of young babies

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

A TV commercial presently running stresses the need to keep Medicare payments flowing. Regarding the possibility of reducing government payouts, an elderly lady expresses panic and states “We didn’t prepare for this”.

She and the majority of her generation set up the current failing system and didn’t bother to do the math. They didn’t watch their “investment”. A generation misled themselves and believed their own lies.  They made promises to themselves that they can not now keep. Who was supposed to “prepare” them… the people from whom she now wants to take money so she can be supported with a lifestyle she believe she is entitled to?

Someone is going to suffer a lower standard of living… young or old?

Helped or harmed?

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Most people will never receive enough help from the government to outweigh the damage that the government does. The best that most people can do is find a way to stop the government from harming them.