Would you buy a used car from your government?

This country put a man on the moon in about ten years.  JFK declared it in 1960, and Armstrong put footprints in the Lunar dust in ‘69. If we were just starting now, it’d take ten years before they even broke ground on the launching pad, with the environmentalists fighting to block it, and Congressmen fighting to get it built in their home district.

Our government is incompetent.  They don’t seem to be able to do anything well any more.  The Federal government are the folks who bring you the IRS, the Postal Service, the Katrina rescue, and the war in Iraq.  Have they done such a great job with those that you think they’re ready to take on bigger projects?

Before you vote to put the government in charge of your health care, you might want to look at some of the health care operations that they already run:  Medicare, Medicaid, and all medical care for military veterans.  Are all of those in great shape?  Has the government demonstrated such mastery of these health care agencies that you want them to take over all the rest?  Do you also want them to be in charge of the car companies, the oil companies, the banks, Wall Street, and home mortgages?

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