Still a prejudiced nation

We are still showing prejudice in a big way. It may be a little better to be prejudiced in favor of a minority than to be against them or to want to harm them, but it is  prejudice nonetheless. Why are so many people talking about this black president? Colin Powell once said we should stop talking about color and then we would truly have conquered prejudice. He was right. If we ever really believe that color does not matter we will no longer mention it. When we  discuss the capabilities of people we never mention if they are well tanned by the sun or pale skinned.  We don’t mention it because it is not relevant. What is the relevance of Obama’s black skin?

Haven’t we had enough women and minorities in powerful government positions to learn that they will abuse their power to harm us just like overweight middle aged white guys? Janet Reno ordered the shootings of innocent children at Waco.  New York’s Mayor Dinkens ran a police force that arrested prostitutes and people who chose to use drugs. Alberto Gonzalez. Condoleeza Rice. The list goes on and on.

We are literally “pre-judging” Obama when we assume he is likely to do a good job because of “what he is”.

It’s time to stop thinking that things will improve just because we have all races and colors represented in government.  It’s time to realize that the question is not what color these people are. The question is not who they are at all. The question is how much power should we give them. Right now, we are giving them far too much.

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