Free speech train leaving now

We always knew the 1st amendment would be the last to go. It’s the one most people know about. Obama has now violated it at least three times.

A doctor in DC has posted advertisements in DC subway stations with a picture of a young girl and the caption says: “President Obama’s daughters get healthy lunches, why can’t I?” The doctor is running an organization that wants better lunches in public schools. The White House lawyers contacted him and told him to take the posters down. Fortunately he has refused.

A company making 2 dolls with the same names as Obama’s daughters also got a call from these lawyers and they changed the names of the dolls.

The truly sad part is that most people think the young girls need to be protected, so they see no problem with this. After all, what about the little girls right to privacy? People don’t even know that any right to privacy, like all of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, are supposed to enforced by restrictions on government, not by refusing to allow citizens to express themselves. The irony is that these citizens are in fact having their right to privacy violated while most other citizens think they are violating someone else’s right to privacy.

Of course when Obama takes the girls out on stage before cheering crowds, he doesn’t care about their privacy. As long as it’s positive, it’s fine for us to talk about Obama’s friends and relatives and he parades them around as if they were little trophies. But say something that might make them upset… Why doesn’t someone point out the opportunity for Obama to talk to his daughters and explain to them that they are in a high profiile position and that has good and bad sides to it? Why doesn’t Obama explain to his daughters about sticks and stones? That’s what you and I have to do if someone is saying things our kids don’t like.

This exercising of special privilege power is disgusting, but virtually no Americans are disgusted.

Of course the White House attacks on conservative talk radio are well known.

America, it was a nice idea while it lasted.

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