Finance vs. commerce

A good commercial system is what is important. A system that promotes and encourages efficient production of goods and services will provide us with a high standard of living. The purpose of a financial system is to support the commercial system. Money and finance are just a way to store value and help wealth be passed around in order to allow commerce to occur efficiently. This notion that we can solve our problems by tweaking, messing with, changing or completely overhauling the financial system is a fallacy. Finding a place to keep your money, such as a bank, is easy. The search for an investment is never difficult. TheĀ  hard part is producing wealth in the first place.

Figuring out how to make yourself valuable to others so that they will voluntarily reward you is tough. Can you produce a product or service that people want? If not, can you convince a group who is already doing that to let you join them? That is the hard part and that is where the effort should be placed. If we take care of commerce, then finance will take care of itself.

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