Competitive money

The dollar is losing, and will continue to lose value because it has no competition. We have made it illegal for anyone but the government to produce “money” so there are no competitive forces. Of course people can’t be allowed to produce counterfeit money, but the law should restrict people from copying US dollars, not from producing their own lines of credit, as it presently does.  Why not have private individuals, or a company, or any private entity, be allowed to provide credit and conduct commerce with that credit? Why can’t someone working for a company be paid with credits from that company and then use those credits to purchase products from that company? If this were allowed then companies would make joint arrangements for credits to be shared between companies and then the workers could purchase products from many companies.

If private creditors produce their own currencies then the value of those currencies will be determined by whether people decided they have real valuer or not. It’s a paradigm shift, but if you think about it you realize that there is no need for the government to be the sole producer and controller of “money”. In fact, the reason why the dollar is losing value is because of the government. The things you own are not changing in value, and your time invested in labor does not become less valuable due to financial conditions… the government is simply driving your dollars towards worthlessness from a lack of competition.

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