You’re responsible for my state of mind

There are ads on TV now showing people saying things like “Don’t call me a nigger”, “Don’t call me a fag”, etc. Remember when kids were taught “Sticks and stones…” If you can’t finish that sentence, google it. We have become such a sensitive society that we believe what other people say has a tangible affect on us. I wonder if it is acceptable for someone to say these things in private where no one else can hear. Do we decide how words will affect us or is it beyond our control and we need others to say only things that won’t hurt our feelings?

A commonly heard phrase these days is “Words hurt”, which is the exact opposite of the old Sticks and Stones.

In 1937 Eleanor Roosevelt declared “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”. Now we’ve decided it goes something like this: “Everyone must take care not too make you feel inferior.”, or perhaps “If you feel inferior it is the fault of someone who insulted you”.

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