I promise for you?

How can someone make a promise that someone else is obligated to keep? Sound crazy? Do you say it is impossible? Suppose I form a group and declare that you are part of the group, and as part of that group, you must pay any debts that the group decides to take on. Do you, like most people, believe it is wrong for our country to go deep into debt when that debt must be paid off by future generations? What is your reaction when you hear talk of the national debt and how we are saddling our children and grandchildren with an unbearable expense?

If you don’t believe that someone can take on debt that another must pay, then the need for our children to pay the national debt should not bother you. These kids did not borrow the money, they are not obligated to pay it back. Talk of social security being a “sacred promise” that “our government” must pay is equally absurd. Who made this promise?… the people who now want to collect social security made this promise to themselves, when they were younger. They did not watch the balance on account or the pending obligations and now they have a problem that they caused for themselves. How is that the problem of a 10 year old child who probably knows how to save his money and manage it better than these elders? Even this 10 year old would not try to go around spending money that his 2 year old brother would have to repay. Do our children have more common sense than our grandparents?

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