Minucia Monitoring

Two things happened to me yesterday that demonstrate how far we have gone down the path of letting our government control virtually everything. I was at my tennis club. I was the first one to arrive that morning and I went to use the elevator which had been turned off from the previous night, as it is every night. I went to turn the elevator on by flipping the switch in the elevator and I found no switch there. It had been replaced by a key cylinder and now a key was necessary. An employee arrived at that time and told me that an inspection had been done by the city, and the key switch is now required by law. This is a private club, members only and not open to the public at large. It’s just as private as your own home, the club admits who it wants to admit just like you do in your home. The club doesn’t get any tax breaks or use any public funds. I wonder what the law says about who can have keys? Is it OK to give keys out to everyone who uses the elevator? Are keys only allowed to be given to licensed elevator operators?  Is it OK to leave a key hanging permanently in the elevator? How about just permanently welding the key in the lock, I wonder if that violates the law.  Why do we have to ask these questions and hire lawyers just to learn if it is OK to use our own elevator?

Later in the day I took my car in for service because an electrical component inside the gas tank needed to be replaced. I was told that I might want to run my tank down near empty because in accordance with the law once they take gas out of the tank they have to dispose of it, they can’t put it back in the tank. Here we are trying to conserve fuel and re-cycle what we can, then we pass a law that requires perfectly good gasoline to be thrown away.

I’m sure someone can find some instance where these laws make sense, and we can describe some scenario where laws like this will be helpful to someone. But these laws affect all of us all of the time and we are constantly paying the cost of enforcement for these laws, even if on some rare occasions they do some good for someone. If you have a dollar and you don’t want it to be stolen you might higher a security guard to watch it, but we’ve now come to where you’ve lost the choice and you’re forced to pay that security guard $1.10 to watch your dollar. At some point government becomes more expensive than it is worth. How do you know when you are there?… we’ll probably know when it is too late.

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