This blog is launched just as Obama starts to ruin our nation. The American people are celebrating this Obamanation with glee just because it represents “change”. George Bush is out. Wonderful. Celebrate for 15 minutes and now you will start despising Obama more than you did Bush. Bush screwed up foreign affairs big-time. Wait til we see what it is like to have our domestic affairs screwed up big-time. It’s coming for sure. No one bothers to recall when Newt Gingrich and a swarm of republicans were swept into office with the “Contract for America” and lots of the usual rhetoric and nonsene. There was a reason the democrats were thrown out and the republicans were swept in. The reason, plain and simple, is that the democrats screw things up. Yes, I know, the republicans screw things up too and I am not a republican. The republican’s party platform is repulsive. The question here is whether we should be elated about having Obama in office.

Contrary to what many people like to think, hope will not change anything.  The rules of cause and effect have not been put on hold. Things will either happen or they will not happen and while “hope” may make some people feel good, it does not change things in the tangible world.  Actions change things. A man strapped into a guillotine with the blade on the way down may be hopeful. In fact the way human psychology works, he probably would be hopeful. But unless something happens to stop the blade from coming down, he is going to die. A person can buy a lottery ticket and might be absolutely certain that he will win. Do you think he will? By the same token a person might be completely distraught and believe that a particular situation is destined for great peril, and yet good things might happen. The simple truth is that these thoughts are just signals floating around in our brains and things in the real world do not change, either for good or for bad, because of them. Things change because of cause and effect.

Be hopeful if it makes you feel good, but things will not change because of our hopes. Get real.

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  1. Nancy says:

    It is the unbridled greed of Bush’s good buddies that have lead to our domestic demise. He set it up for them and he set it up to come out of our collective pocket.

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