Enough is enough?

Is it possible to have too much government? Of course. Can taxes be too high? Obviously. Is there such a thing as too much power for politicians? Silly question. These are the most important questions that people should be asking themselves, but hardly anyone ever does.  If we know that taxes can be too high, then the next obvious question is “How high is too high”? We must ask “How big can the government get before it is too big? Just because these questions are somewhat subjective does not mean they should be ignored. We can not conclude an exact dividing line between enough and too much. There is no way to nail down a number and conclude that a tax rate of 69% is acceptable and 70% is too high. No way to know that having any more than 38% of the population work for government is too many. Yet since we know that it is possible to have too much government and taxes that are too high, we must ask our selves to estimate, as best we can, where these points are.

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